The Gratz Story – Interview with David Rosencrans

Joseph Pilates working on Classical Pilates Equipment. Manufactured by Gratz Pilates today

If you don’t know who David Rosencrans is, he’s the man behind Gratz apparatus. Listen here to learn more about him, what brought him to Gratz, and I need to say the customer service is amazing, I let him know that my old school high chair that had the plastic handles didn’t hold up and the handles bent, he sent me whole new poles and handles inside a week. GRATIS ;)))

He honored his commitment to the tradition of standing behind the product and I am a happy customer and friend.

Enjoy the interview and visit the amazing Visit GRATZ™ Pilates Store

Check out the latest photoshoot by GRATZ featuring the NEW Archive Reformer.

Pilates instructors in Philadelphia testing out the Archivel Pilates Reformer by Gratz

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