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Going More Joe’s mission is to link the contemporary instructor who is classical curious, into the world of Classical Pilates. We will do this by offering workshops directly through GMJ, promoting workshops, bridge programs, and full programs from top Classical schools; as well as providing them access to instructors who can mentor them.

Benefits of advertising with GMJ

  • Access to 7,000 people.
  • Your logo on the website with a direct link to your education page
  • Share your events on our forum and website
  • Blog spots

Advertising packages

  1. Instructors who want to mentor. $12 a month: link to your website (includes logo and city/state), 1 blog that will be posted on the website and forum, and to engage members with their questions.
  2. Classical Studio’s Ad /6 months: $259 per 6 months: biz card size ad, bio, link to your website, 3 blogs per 6 months to engage with members with follow up questions, one workshop per 6 months to advertise on the forum and website.Write a Blog post and introduce yourself and your staff to the Going More Joe followers!!
  3. Classical Studio’s: $99 a month: 1/4 page ad, info about your school, studio, and program. Unlimited workshops posted on the forum and website, 10 blogs for the year to engage with members with follow up questions.
  4. Sell Your Products on GMJ (one month): $10 a month: Sell YOUR products, link your store to the GMJ shop, and get more attention than you ever could’ve hoped for. The shop is curated by me, and I only sell the best. Send me your logo and link to your store, and I’ll market it for you. For Posters, Clothes, Books

All ads come with the opportunity to pay for 6 months and get 1 month free, or 1 year and get 2 months free, we will come up with a blog and Monday Q calendar, so everyone knows when their Monday is and when their blog opportunities are, use those opportunities to introduce yourself, your staff and your studio or school.

To get started please contact Sunni Almond here or reserve your ad here.

Why should you advertise on GMJ?

The benefits of placing an ad on the Going More Joe website is #1 I have my roots in contemporary Pilates, and I have lots of friends and acquaintances in the contemporary world. I know where they’re coming from. I speak their language, they aren’t afraid of me, like I was afraid that classical teachers would chew me up and spit me out. So since Going More Joe is specifically for the contemporary teacher who is classical curious, it seems like a perfect fit.

The contemporary people are my audience, they don’t know many people in the classical world and like me, they haven’t heard of the
big names in our world. I had no idea who Romana was, or Jay Grimes, don’t look so shocked, the elders weren’t in any manual I studied from or lecture I sat in.
Heck some of them don’t really know much more than the exercises they teach, let alone the Pilates history.

My goal is to be your hook up, the matchmaker that puts a contemporary teacher into your gifted hands, so they can learn what it’s really all about. I want them to know who the great classical teachers of our time are, I want to introduce them to your schools. If you advertise with me, you will get in front of at least 7000 people who may not even know that it isn’t a cult, like I was told.

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