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In order to fully ‘get’ the differences between contemporary and classical Pilates it is important to find and study with a Classical teacher on classical apparatus, the differences in styles and equipment in varied and changes the work dramatically. If possible I urge contemporary teachers to hook up with a classical teacher and enjoy the learning.

Here are other resources to help you on your journey to Classical Pilates:

  1. Workshops. Are you ready to take your journey to Classical Pilates to the next level? Going More Joe always has an incredible workshop line up. Workshops are offered live, through Skype or Zoom. Every attendee ALWAYS gets the private video link with the raw footage of the workshop.

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  2. Pilatesology Is ALL Classical ALL the time, so that you don’t get confused, the videos there have every thing from Pre Pilates and How to’s all the way through to the super advanced. I highly recommend viewing and taking Pilatesology video classes yourself, to further understand the classical way from some of the best teachers out there.

  3. The Facebook group, Going More Joe has running Q & A, no one is left behind here. Ask anything and get an answer, no attitude just good honest help.

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  4. I Love Pilates Avatar for my own workouts or for filling space instead of having a group class. You listen to Clare Dunphy Hemani cue you through workouts and if you forget something, she has also included a one rep video as a reminder for each exercise, and a list of each exercise included for each particular workout.

    If you choose to use it with your clients, you Rx the appropriate audio’s, they buy and then own their purchase, you charge a fee for your clients to use your studio, while you keep a watchful eye…so your studio gets used during a slower time, you get revenue, your clients get a less pricey workout…win/win.

    Please let Clare know, you learned about Pilates Avatar from me, It’s the only way she can keep track, and I’ll appreciate the thank you she sends my way ;))

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  5. The Pilates books I love are written by the top in the field, I find all of them to be library must-haves, you will read and use them again and again, they are filled with great useable information.

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