How to Use Balanced Body Apparatus in a Classical Pilates Studio

classical pilates apparatus

Don’t Throw Out The Baby With The Bathwater

This is the 1st blog post for the GMJ website!

I’m writing an intro to a letter from one of the most instrumental people in the contemporary Pilates world, the apparatus builder. Ken Endelman.

He is responsible for Balanced Body  apparatus. He graciously answered my email request for how to make adjustments on his apparatus in order to have it work more classically. He is also open to answering your questions on accomplishing those very goals. He’s a super nice guy, I’ve met him several times, and he wasn’t offended by my question at all, as a matter fact he was very forthcoming and willing to help. He also has a classical line, inspired by Rachel Taylor Segel, and Amy Taylor Alpers of the infamous TPC, in Boulder, Co. Centerline. So read on, and contact him or his company with your questions. 

Thank you being here on this GMJ Journey. 

Hi Sunni
Thanks for your email. 
You are correct, the Pilates community is growing fast and the classical component is responsible for a big part of that growth.  The part I am enjoying the most is to see the factions fade away and see the Pilates community more interested in the “community” part.
A couple of things to mention.  We offer many types of boxes, the new Centerline box is smaller with much more padding on the edges.  It has been well received by the classical community. If you click on this link, you’ll find  box comparisons.
We have discontinued the hard plastic edge years ago.  Depending on the Reformer, the edges range from very smooth to very round.  If you know of anyone with the plastic edge, ask them to contact our customer service department. It’s a very inexpensive solution they can do fairly easily themselves.
If a customer prefers a more classical feel they have the options to convert  to leather straps, order Centerline wheels, and/or change to our un-plated green springs. Keep in mind, these changes will make new movements possible and eliminate old ones, and not all of these changes can work on all our Reformers.
One last thing, we are always working to meet the needs of our customers.  This is one of the reasons we updated the Centerline Reformer just last year to make it feel even more classical.  At the same time, we are looking for other ways to meet the needs of this growing and important part of our community.  We truly appreciate any insights you may have into how we can better serve you.
Thanks again,

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