Pilates An Interactive Workbook: If You’re Going To Do It, Do It Right

by Christina Maria Gadar

THIS is the workbook I swear by, and Use in my Nuts and Bolts workshop. It’s not even close to break the bank expensive and a great place to keep your notes.
Includes, Basic and Int Mat, Magic Circle,Wall, Standing Weight Series and Reformer.
What’s not to love?

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Practice Pilates at home on your own to take ownership of your workout and make the most of your investment with a certified Pilates instructor. “Pilates An Interactive Workbook” helps you practice safely at home, and efficiently in the studio with your instructor. It presents a general outline and step-by-step photo illustrations of over one hundred Pilates exercises, including the basic matwork, intermediate matwork, magic circle matwork, standing weights series, magic circle exercises, wall series, and the reformer apparatus. Because Pilates exercises need to be continually personalized and adapted, this workbook provides a place to record notes. With the help of your certified Pilates instructor you can customize this workbook with your current modifications, helpful cue words and useful imagery. With Pilates there is no finish line, so enjoy each moment and each progression, and use “Pilates An Interactive Workbook” as a supplement to your training to help you along the way.


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