Pilates: An Interactive Workbook, Wunda Chair Edition

by Christina Maria Gadar (Author)

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The most versatile of Joe Pilates’ inventions, the Wunda Chair can be used as a space-saving home gym and as a functional piece of furniture. Joe invented it so that his students could use spring-based equipment at home when they could not get to the studio. “Pilates: An Interactive Workbook, Wunda Chair Edition” outlines the Wunda Chair repertoire as taught by Joe and his protege, Romana Kryzanowska. It contains step-by-step photo illustrations of over one hundred twenty classical Wunda Chair exercises. For manageability, the Wunda Chair exercises are divided into the following groups: Introductory Exercises, Deeper Practice Exercises, Challenge Exercises, Less Common Exercises, Expert Exercises, and Archival Exercises. With the help of your certified Pilates teacher, you can choose the exercises that best suit your needs and customize this workbook with your current modifications, helpful cue words, and useful imagery.


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