Pre-Pilates and Beyond: The Lesser-Known Exercises of the Pilates Method

by Christina Maria Gadar (Author)

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“Pre-Pilates and Beyond” will broaden your understanding of Pilates as a complete Method. From wiggling the tip of your nose, to cartwheeling across the room, this book has something for everyone. Since the exercises in “Pre-Pilates and Beyond” are the lesser-known exercises of the Pilates Method, each exercise is accompanied with photos and a detailed description. “Pre-Pilates and Beyond” includes: Pre-Pilates Exercises: Movements that target every body part, from the bottom of the feet to the top of the head. They are performed lying down on a mat, sitting in a chair, or standing, and can be done using everyday household items such as a pencil, rubber band, hair elastic, tennis ball, rolling pin, footstool, book, marble, and a towel. Wake-Up Exercises: Invigorating exercises performed with a bath towel. They can be done after a morning shower. Basic Matwork with a Towel: The basic mat routine done with a small towel to deepen stretches and provide additional support. Joe’s Archival Routine: Exercises inspired by the gymnastic-based strength training movement called Physical Culture. Romana’s Standing Exercises: Creative dance-inspired exercises that use a play-based approach to movement. With the help of your certified Pilates teacher, you can choose the exercises that best suit your needs. Use this book together with “Pilates: An Interactive Workbook” to create a well-rounded home-based routine that will improve your sense of autonomy and inspire you to assemble creative workouts tailored to your individual needs.


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