The Nuts N Bolts EBook


Blurring the Lines between Contemporary and Classical Pilates
The enormous difference between the two C’s, everything I didn’t know when starting to learn classically.



This book GIVES YOU the Basic and Beginner Pilates systems, explaining the differences between the Classical and Contemporary teaching systems.

Learning and teaching tips, how to do the transitions between the exercises, the apparatus hacks to make your contemporary pieces work more classically, and just a truckload of information gleaned from every classical teacher I’ve ever learned from on my journey.

There are links to websites blogs, vlogs and videos, packed with pics. It’s a must have even if you don’t decide to do a bridge or get whole new classical cert. It is a teacher in a book.

  • Distinguish the philosophy and vocabulary of “classical” Pilates
  • Work with the exercise order on the mat and reformer plus understand why’s behind the orders
  • Avoid common teaching mistakes and open yourself up to new possibilities
  • Link exercises together with transitions
  • Execute the basic exercises on all apparatus


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