The Pilates Arm Chair (The Pilates Equipment) (Volume 2)

by Reiner Grootenhuis (Author), Dr. Ingo Barck (Author), Miriam Abels (Photographer)

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The Pilates Arm Chair is a rare apparatus, only to be found in a few well equipped Pilates studios. Written knowledge about the Arm Chair is still rare to this day. The only first-hand source of information about the Arm Chair comes from MeJo Wiggin, who learned it directly from Romana Kryzanowska.In this training manual, Reiner Grootenhuis conveys some of his knowledge about the Pilates Arm Chair that he learned from MeJo, as well as many of the more contemporary exercises that can be done. The Pilates Arm Chair is especially suited for people with neck, shoulder issues, as well as working with students with kyphosis, scoliosis and osteoporosis. The book is directed to both Pilates professionals and practitioners that would like to become more familiar with the Arm Chair.Each exercise is precisely described on an individual page with several large professional photos. It is an invaluable detailed manual that can also be used as a quick reference guide to your daily work at the studio.


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