The Pilates Cadillac – Part I: Introduction to the Cadillac, The Roll-Down-Bar and Push-Through-Bar exercises (The Pilates Equipment)

by Reiner Grootenhuis (Author), Miriam Abels (Photographer), Talea Grootenhuis (Translator), Dr. Ingo Barck (Contributor), Felicitas Ruthe (Contributor)

107 exercises with the Roll Down Bar and the Push Through Bar. 852 large photos to demonstrate each exercise exactly.

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The first part of the Pilates Cadillac Manual describes the history of the Cadillac developed by Joseph Pilates. This is illustrated with technical drawings of similar Pilates machines by Joseph Pilates that have not been seen before. Furthermore, previously unpublished photos of a mini Cadillac Gym-in-a-doorway are shown, which the author probably found in the contact prints of the well-known photographer IC Rapoport.
After some hints for the use of the manual the exercises with the Roll-Down-Bar and the Push-Through-Bar are described. A distinction is made between traditional exercises taught by Joseph Pilates and his students and exercises that have only been added in recent decades. Some of the exercises are so new that one or the other is probably due to the author. An example is the “Feel Good Stretch Series”.
The number of exercises at the Push-Through-Bar and the Roll-Down-Bar is probably by far the most extensive ever published. The exercises are described in detail and illustrated with photos. In most Cadillac training manuals from the English-speaking world – German Cadillac manuals have been searched for in vain up to now – you only get three sparse black and white pictures. This often meant guesswork about what was happening between these positions and in black and white the exercises are often not easy to recognize.
Not in this book! Here between 6 and 20 large-format colour photos per exercise are used for illustration! Thus the exercises become very exactly comprehensible and even so far unknown exercises can be worked out well.
It should also be noted that 50% of the exercises in this training manual are demonstrated by a man and a woman. Pilates is not only for women.
Absolutely a recommendation for all Pilates enthusiasts who want to deal with this great and very varied training device.
Part 1 with its more than 300 pages is already very extensive and we are looking forward to share part 2 with you soon.


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