The Red Thread of Pilates: Study Guide – The Mat

by Tracy Maurstad

The book for the book that needed it’s own study guide to help you get through it, I find it a necessary adjunct to Kathi Ross-Nash’s big book.

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“The Red Thread of Pilates – The Mat”©, by Kathryn Ross-Nash, is a comprehensive resource of the Pilates Mat Repertoire. But it’s SO big, it contains SO much detailed information, it can be hard to wrap your head around all of it. The Study Guide is full of tools I created for myself and my Facebook Study Group to help get the most out of “The Red Thread”©. It’s designed to help you do an organized, self-paced study of Kathi’s book. You’ll find charts and indexes not contained in “The Red Thread” to help you comprehend the different threads and Kathi’s Add Next system. Then worksheets for each exercise, detailing all the variations and the Performance Order of the whole repertoire up to that point. Lastly, a Progression Checklist to help you keep track of which of the hundreds of variations you’ve explored. These tools helped me get the most out of my investment in “The Red Thread of Pilates – The Mat”©. I hope it does the same for you.


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