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Our Faithful Reproduction of Joe’s Original Reformer

We partnered with Jay Grimes to re-create all of the subtle functionality critical to the classical Pilates approach, and build the best version of the original Reformers in Pilates studios circa 1970.

The Original Pilates Mat

original pilates mat for classical pilates
Replica of the Joseph Pilates Original Home Mat
Better understand the method and practice on the ORIGINAL Mat!

Hi, my name is Elena Bartley, founder of I have been studying Pilates for over 30 years, traveling the world, and meeting others who have the same passion for the craft. We owe it all to Joseph Pilates and yet, we’ve never practiced on his original designs. I’d like to introduce you to Joes Original Home Mat!
Hand crafted to order, we took meticulous care in recreating the Master’s original design into a perfect replica. Now is your chance to practice how Joe intended us to practice!

With 2 soft yet firm folding mats, it is the perfect surface to exercise your back and abdominals correctly.
True to the original design, this mat includes two removable and adjustable dowels for all your exercise needs. Perfect for any body shape.
Storage is a breeze!, all you do is fold and put away, it’s that simple!
You can chose from all this colors.
You can find the Joseph Pilates Original Home Mat Replica at THEORIGINALPILATESMAT.COM
$650 USD
Plus shipping and handling


I am Elena Dominguez-Bartley, the director of TuPilatesExpress, Tupilatesexpress is an App that will allow you to have the Pilates method at your fingertips! It is not the intention of this app to teach you the method as such, it is simply a tool to deepen your understanding of the method!
This Video Library consists of clips of no more than 60 seconds. With clear, easy to understand instructions, these videos guide you to the simplest, purest, and most classical movement. This application is made with the utmost respect for you and the Pilates method!